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Case Study: Embassy Suites Niagara Falls Reservations

Shortly after the construction of Niagara Falls' largest Fallsview hotel tower, the management of the Embassy Suites hotel contacted our team to request assistance in SEO for the new hotel website. Our efforts launched the site within days to high exposure in the top search engines. Consequently, the management was extremely pleased and requested details of other services we provided. They spoke of their challenge managing online inventory and reservations. They spoke of their challenge in tracking their advertising campaigns and of promoting to past guests.

Today, GuestServe Inc. is contracted by the Embassy Suites Niagara Falls to provide online reservations, reservations tracking and mass mailing services. These 3 key services arose from the development of 3 products that have been designed to complement each other and to meet the online goals of like-minded tourism entities. Our GuestServe Online Reservations system is the primary solution in this equation as both Merlin Metrics and Ripplemail have been designed to work in conjunction for the purpose of processing millions of dollars in hotel reservations. In short, Merlin Metrics tracks where reservations are originating and Ripplemail allows for further contact with past guests and mailing list members. Our efforts have generated substantial additional reservations through mass mailing advertising and returning guest revenues.

There are 2 parts to the GuestServe Online Reservations system:
  1. the admin (back-end) area where staff control: rates, availability, packages and;
  2. the public (front-end) area where content is projected and reservations are made
In the admin Dashboard screens, staff have the ability to create and control room types, rates, availability, taxes, automated messages, packages, and reservation enhancers. Whether a regular room booking or package selection, GuestServe displays content from the admin area in real-time enabling guests to book rooms with ease. At the time of a reservation, the system takes the guest through the booking process, selecting their room type, package details, displaying costs, requesting their contact and payment information and then storing all details in a hopper for processing. Dual confirmation/notification messages are sent to both guests and hotel staff.

All marketing campaigns issued by the hotel are entered in Merlin, a state-of-the-art metrics program offered in conjunction with GuestServe for the purpose of tracking the source of all leads and conversions. This is not Google Analytics. This is Merlin. Merlin is a campaign metrics tool and is unique in this capacity.

Ripplemail is a mass mailing system that allows direct communication with a database of guests or mailing list members. At the time of a reservation, GuestServe asks a potential guest whether they would like to be added to the Embassy Suites Mailing List. Subscribers are added to a web based database to which the Embassy Suites can send promotions. In addition, guests are able to sign up for this service directly on the hotel website. Subsequent promotions to this guest list drive leads and reservation conversions which are all tracked in Merlin.

As the Embassy Suites management observed the success of our programs and as they grew as a company, they deployed our technology solutions to their sister and subsidiary properties including Marriott Fallsview, Courtyard Hotel, Keg Restaurant, Fallsview Plaza Hotel, Sheraton Fallsview, Tours of Niagara Falls and more.

Our relationship is strong as we continue to innovate new solutions to keep pace with the highly competitive tourism marketplace.

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