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Corporate Info

GuestServe Reservation Systems Worldwide GuestServe Inc. is a leading provider in the rapidly growing online Hospitality Software Services Sector. We serve B2B in the following areas:
  1. Portal Systems for Destination Management Organizations
  2. Accommodation Reservation Platforms for Hotels, Motels, Inns and B&B's
  3. General Reservation Systems for Tour Operators, Restaurants and Events Management companies

All Systems Are Modular

We develop software "modules". These can be selected a la carte as needed by your organization or business. You only pay for what you need. We do not bundle everything and the kitchen sink into our member accounts in order to try to outdo the competition - we simply out-perform the competition in providing what you need when you need it.

Our web-based software is built on the subscription model where owners and managers of hospitality organizations will utilize our systems through an "always-live" Dashboard. From there, they can manage all data that appears in their Dashboard menu. In overview, these might include:

For Destination Marketing Organizations and General Associations:
  1. association memberships
  2. website listings and member profiles
  3. banner programs
  4. account status
  5. membership user levels
  6. internal membership memos
  7. external informational/promotional mailers to website visitors
  8. events listings
  9. micro-site management
  10. syndication of content to partner websites
  11. customer surveys
  12. password management
  13. call center services
  14. account sharing
  15. and MORE
For Tourism Operators:
  1. full real-time reservation capabilities
  2. rates and availability management
  3. inventory controls
  4. reservation processing
  5. external inquiries management
  6. booking agent management systems
  7. fully managed gift certificate systems
  8. cell center services
  9. listing management
  10. full web metrics to manage marketing campaign effectiveness
  11. full package management system
  12. full reservation enhancers management system
  13. wholesale partnerships
  14. policies, languages, tax and payment setting control screens
  15. media management for photos, panoramics, Google mapping and video
  16. a full array of web widgets for implementation of reservation and metrics tools on external sites
  17. multi-property cross-linking services
  18. and MORE

We "incubate" all new developments through our sister company: ACTION Corporation, a full services website design and programming firm.

We invite you to explore further and to contact us with any questions you might have.

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