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Hotel Reservation Systems Since 2002, the GuestServe system has been a leading provider of online reservations for Hotels of all sizes. Our web-based reservations system is the chosen platform of several prestige hotels from prominent, front-row-center brands like Embassy Suites, Marriott and Sheraton hotels towering over Niagara Falls to one room vacation rentals and all accommodation types in between.

Client Testimonial

GuestServe is the system of choice for all of our hotel properties and we manage some of the biggest hotels in Niagara Falls including the exclusive Embassy Suites Hotel.
- Stefanie B., Online Marketing Manager and SEO Export, Fallsview Group Inc.
Our Hotel Version features 3 key services which have been designed to complement each other and meet the online goals of our Hotel clients. The GuestServe Online Reservations system is the primary solution as it is the tool used to take reservations online. Both Merlin Metrics and Ripplemail have been designed as add-on systems to respectively track reservation origins and promote our clients through mass email to their customer bases. As a group, these 3 key services enable our users to take online reservations, track the origin of their online reservations and then send additional promotions to guests who have already made an online reservation.

The GuestServe Online Reservations System has been built in part on the feedback of our users and features:
  1. No commissions, no transaction fees in our base system
  2. No software to install, no special computer hardware required
  3. Ability to manage your Hotel through a secure webpage from anywhere in the world
  4. Simple to link to and from your existing website through state-of-the-art web widgets
  5. Simple management of your lodgings, reservations, rates and more
  6. Easy-to-use contacts database
  7. Accept credit card details over the internet
  8. Easy syndication across multiple websites
There are two components to the GuestServe Online Reservations system:
  1. the admin (back-end) area where staff control: rates, availability, packages and content and;
  2. the public (front-end) website integration where guests perform date and price lookups and make reservations.
On the admin side, staff have the ability to create and control room types, set rates daily or weekly or monthly. Special controls allow for holiday rate exceptions. We offer single room controls or multi-room updating to suit your administrative preferences.

As a recent innovation, we recently upgraded the system to give full package building and management controls too. This new solution enables your staff to control package descriptions, images, rates and availability, ticketing, and a host of other details concerning how packages can be booked by guests. Build your packages on fixed rate, premium or discount scenarios. Whether a regular room booking or package selection, GuestServe displays content from the admin area in real-time enabling guests to book rooms with confidence. At the time of a reservation, the system takes the guest through the booking process, selecting their room type, package details, add-on stay enhancers, displaying costs, requesting their contact and payment information and then storing all details in a secure folder in the admin area. Staff login to process newly arrived reservations from the GuestServe 'hopper'. Automated confirmation messages are delivered to guests as you dictate in your configuration and Hotel Reservations departments may also elect to be notified of a new reservations at an email address of their choosing.

As mentioned, the GuestServe platform can also track the origin of online reservations. It is important for our Hotel clients to know which websites, print campaigns, search engine keywords or search engine Pay Per Click campaigns are producing results so that they can maximize their return on these investments. To assist with this goal we developed Merlin Metrics. Merlin Metrics is a hosted reporting and analysis solution that helps marketers and e-commerce webmasters to optimize online (and traditional) marketing initiatives resulting in increased sales and conversions. In short, Merlin Metrics tracks a reservation back to where it originated and then compiles reporting information that shows trends in reservation origins. Through an admin area, marketing staff are able to enter marketing campaigns which assign a specific domain name, tracking code, web page or website URL to that campaign. From there, Merlin is then able to track leads and conversions attributable to your marketing efforts. In addition, Merlin Metrics is also able to track reservations from mass mailings sent out by our Ripplemail system.

Ripplemail is a mass mailing system that allows direct communication with a database of guests or mailing list members. At the time of a reservation, GuestServe asks a potential guest whether they would like to be added to the Hotel Mailing List. Subscribers are added to a web-based database to which the marketing staff can send promotions. In addition, guests are able to sign up for this service directly from a hotel website without having to make a reservation. The point that guests sign up for this service is an important distinction as it ensures the mailings are not considered SPAM. The mailings that are sent can be graphic presentations advertising a holiday, seasonal or destination promotion and act as a tool to generate repeat business from guests. Recipients are able to click from the mailer back to the Hotel website where they can make a reservation though the GuestServe system. In addition, this information is then tracked by the Merlin Metrics system so that the marketing team can track the profitability of their mass mailings. This is a turn-key full-circle platform to suit your needs.

GuestServe, Merlin Metrics and Ripplemail have been developed and customized over the last 6 years to meet the demands of some of the most aggressively marketed properties in the world. We have learned to constantly embrace innovation in the changing internet market. The systems have been proven to be successful through reservations in excess of 25M per year.

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